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The Reviews are in..

By Ciara - 15 years old 
Private Voice Lessons

Mrs. Amanda has been so kind, patient, and talented. She is truly knowledgeable and that is evident in her flexibility when teaching. She is there for you and gives you all the tools and encouragement to do your best. Any student would be lucky to work with her!

By Maloma for Rachel-11 years old
Audition Prep

Ms Amanda knew exactly what my daughter needed to succeed. She was very attentive to detail, communicated appropriately with a school age child, and we ultimately landed the role!

For Chloee- 9 years old

Kudos to Amanda for making my daughter’s first acting lesson amazing. We couldn’t have had a better instructor/teacher. She’s very skillful. We are eager and excited for the next lesson

By Shelley for Jillian 16 years old
Audition Prep

Amanda has been my daughter, Jillian's acting teacher since Kindergarten. She relates well with kids and has helped with many auditions. She's a gem.

By Sadie for Sadie 14 years old
Broadway Singing

I have been taking lessons from Ms. Amanda for a long time and she is an amazing teacher! Got cast in 2 recently because of her amazing training! Thank you so much!

By Gail T. for Sara 10 years old

Amanda is an inspiring teacher who infuses confidence into her students helping them to believe that they can do it. She approaches all performances with creativity and originality. All the productions I have seen her direct have her distinct stamp. Not only is she a talented actress and singer in her own right but she is able to bring out the best in her students. I recommend her whole heartedly.

By laura K. on Vocal Training

Amanda is a vocal coach for my 12 year old and 3 year old kids. She is great with both ages and find age appropriate songs from musical theater and other genres for them. She even finds ways for them to sing together - very cute! They both love having lessons with her.

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Harper (10 years) 

By Kellie for Harper  (Gertrude McFuzz and Dorothy)
Broadway Singing

We love Amanda and Keith. They are energetic, enthusiastic, patient, and knowledgeable. We started lessons because of my daughter's interest in singing, and even at only 10, we've seen huge improvements in her presentation and performance since working with Amanda. It's been a blessing to watch her talents being developed in a caring environment.

By Brittany for AJ 8 Years old
Singing, In home

My son recently got into singing he loves to sing around the house so we decided to explore it. He has done 5 lessons with Amanda and my son loves it.. he comes home singing what they practiced on, he has learned a lot. When he sees someone else in the house singing he try’s to correct us .. Amanda is very nice and very helpful and the communication is amazing!!

Sweet review from an audience member:

" I love what y'all do....We really enjoy what you've done.. with drama and music. It's so important.." K Frissell

By Laura 

Keith is fantastic! He expects the highest level of preparation and performance from me at all my lessons and thus pushes me to be a better performer every time. He tailors my lessons to exactly what I need - specific work for upcoming auditions as well as more general work to expand my repertoire. His lessons are also not not limited singing coaching - he also provides coaching in acting and movement. I feel like I have presented some of my best work to auditors as a result of working with Keith! And he does all this in the friendliest manner possible so that my lessons are always a great combination of fun, hard work, and inspiration.

By Yi 

Keith is a knowledgeable and great teacher. He will let you feel comfortable at singing and doing all the practices and make you realize what the correct postures and things needed to make you feel confident. Also, he is pretty easy-going with scheduling and just let him know in advance and he will reschedule the class for you. Definitely recommended.

By Sherifa 
Acting, In studio

Simply AMAZING! Keith offers a comforting and open environment in which a performer can grow. I came to Keith in need of help for my college auditions, and in that short period of time was able to grow as a performer and get a taste of the professional world of theatre. Not only did he aid me in my audition pieces, he also gave me advice and insight of what it's like to go to school for the performing arts. I cannot thank Keith enough. With his help, I was accepted into New York University Tisch School of the Arts and AMDA. Great coach with life long skills, with Keith you will only grow.

By Caughey 
Musical Theater, In home

Keith is AWESOME! My son Payton had no experience in musical theatre. In a few lessons his singing has improved dramatically and his confidence level has skyrocketed. Keith is very motivational and brings out the best in his students. If you want a caring, devoted coach and instructor, Keith is your man!

By Kendal R. 
Broadway Singing, In home

Keith has been great so far! He is very passionate about music and Broadway and his enthusiasm is very motivating and encouraging to my daughter. He teaches the technical aspects of voice but also offers insight about performing, auditioning etc which is helpful for my daughter as she is fairly inexperienced but is hoping to be more involved in high school and local productions.

By Gail T. 
Musical Theater, In studio

When you meet Keith it becomes immediately apparent that he loves musical theatre with every bone in his body. His enthusiasm and love for the stage is contagious. Kids just love working with him. I have seen him inspire a group of non-professional actors under the age of 12 to give a top class performance that had the audience on their feet. He is kind, sweet natured and patient with an incredible ability to gently draw out each of his students natural talents. I highly recommend Keith.

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